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A locker is a small place to keep your things safe and secure. There are man types of lockers. Some of them are:

  1. Metal Lockers: These lockers are the safest to use. They are available in different colors and forms and dimensions. You can find different kinds of metal lockers in stores which are made of different metals. Because of their durability, they are worthy to buy. Metal lockers have integrated air vent system that keep the possessions cool. Besides, they have welded front frames and internal door strengtheners. Moreover, they have five knuckle hinges and micro sprung disc lock system which guarantee to keep things safe and secure. Therefore, they are used as commercial security safes.
  2. School Lockers: Schools and colleges have lockers where students can keep their belongings to make the task of carrying their books and notes less worrisome. The lockers protect their books and belongings. They are given keys and codes which they use to open. Their doors have additional perforations and welded internal door strengthener. Besides, the door of school lockers have air vent system. They have frame locking system and antibacterial activecoat which do let fungi and microorganisms to corrode your books and notes.
  3. Office Lockers: There are lockers at workplaces which give place to employees and employers to place their things without worrying about theft and stealing. Usually, employees keep their purse, books and keys in it. However, it is better to avail its lock system to keep things safer because they have standard micro sprung lock system which is facilitated with five knuckle hinged doors and internal door strengtheners that make it difficult for thief to steal from them. The lockers have welded front frames and coating of active coat antibacterial that keep away microorganisms from them.
  4. Leisure Lockers: You will find leisure lockers in gym, sports club, theme parks and changing rooms mostly. They are made of either wood, metal or plastic. You can get them in different colors and dimension in market. The lockers can keep your belongings safe because they have micro sprung lock system and five knuckle-hinged doors that make the lockers safer. The companies always provide lockers with seats and benches to cater the users of the lockers. In sports club and gyms, tops lockers are sloped so that people could use them easily.

So, these are a few types of lockers. Besides, there are bicycle lockers, small fireproof safe and many others.