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Choosing floral design for an even is little hard tasks. Because you get confuse while choosing the designs. But through online apps it gets easy to choose. This is because they show the images of design on their app. From which you can choose best option for your event. Every event needs a different style such as for wedding party there would be different style and for birthday party or marriage anniversary design would be different. In these days these floral design apps are getting favorite for event planners. Black tulip flower are providing the best flower delivery in Abu Dhabi. They have many flower shops in Abu Dhabi and its well known shop in Middle East. But problem is that how to choose the best floral design for event, well let’s see some beneficial tips to find the best floral design for your event. 

  1. It is important for you to keep extra bowls and vases with you just in case a few get broken. 
  2. If you are planning to live stream an event, then you should use brightly colored flowers and vases in various gold shades as these look amazing on camera.
  3. If you have plan to serve food and beverages then do not put up flowers that give off strong fragrances. 
  4. Try to put your blooms in first and save the greenery for last to fill in the gaps.
  5. Always place flowers in the hallways and near the entrance gates.
  6. Don’t try to overstuff your vases.
  7. Clean the flower arrangement tools as properly as you can. It will protect from bacteria.
  8. When you have any doubt about design then choose the big foam size.
  9.  In winter should use the neutral white and other neutral toned color options for flowers.  
  10. Before ordering the flowers, measure your event venue so as to make sure that the flowers fit in perfectly. Otherwise you can get stuck to cutting them, which is sure to take up a lot of your time.
  11.  Always use top class flowers and add it to the foam that you have soaked. It will double the life of flowers and will improve the appearance for all the day.
  12. There should always be a backup plan. Fresh flowers can be wilt while transport, otherwise have to use fake flowers.