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After years and years of pursuing your job and looking for apartments wishing that someday you will reach there, you finally do. What’s the next step? Moving. Yay.

That sounds such a daunting task and you would want to procrastinate but also get done with it as soon as possible like magic. There is no denying the fact that it is going to be difficult to be moving and there is close to nothing you can do about it. Think again, can you really not do anything about it? Keep reading our tips to know what you can do. These have been specifically put together by movers and packers in Business Bay.

Don’t move in summers

Summers have proven to be one of the most hectic seasons to be choosing to move in and out of the houses. It is not only the summer heat which takes a toll on the moving individual and the movers themselves but it is also the rates which are going to catch up on you. It is the summer vacation when people decide to do extracurricular activities such as moving and thus the demand is high. Choose an off season like fall so that you don’t melt in the summer sun and your bank account doesn’t drain.

Manage admin tasks before hand

It is not only the shifting which is going to be stressful for you but it is also the admin tasks which you are most likely to be managing even after months you have moved. Changing your address on your insurance, bank accounts and other such documents will be a very hectic task, not only this but cancelling your utilities and selling the property or renting it out will be one of the big responsibilities. Things should be planned and labelled out before hand so that you are not running for your mails delivered to the wrong address.

Cling wrap is your knight in the shining armour

Yes it is true that cling wrap or plastic wrap will save you hundreds of times from hundreds of things. Use cling wrap to fold up your jewellery – especially necklaces and any such dangling jewellery. Pack all the liquids carefully by covering their lids with cling wrap before screwing the top secure. This is the one tip which you can even use for travelling because we all know the level of frustration which we will have to deal with when it comes to untangling necklaces.

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